We are dedicated to the art of simple, good food.

Our in-house store offers a vast section of bistro style food. All natural, made from scratch - soups, salads, sandwiches, entrees and desserts for you to take-out or take home. In addition, our freezers are stocked with everyday favorites, including (but not limited to): chicken stock, Thai chicken wings, sloppy joes, chicken pot pies and a variety Simply Good house made sausages.

  • Our amazing staff prepares everything in-house, by hand.  

  • All of the ingredients are handpicked for quality and taste. 

  • To ensure freshness, we make small quantities.

  • Items are clearly labeled with the ingredients, reheating instructions (from the refrigerator and freezer) and the used by or freeze by date. 

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Address: 1105 South Adams Road, Birmingham, MI 48009

Email: info@simplygoodkitchen.com

Google Maps: See our location online.

Toll Free: (248) 203-2450

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